The Kraft Brew

We brew our signature craft beers for serving on location. We have a variety of beers from Premium Lager (4.7%), Wheat Beer (4.4%), Summer Ale (4.4%) to Pale Ale (4.4%). If you are interested in brewing beer, we organize brewing courses for individuals, private groups, companies interested. We have capacity to brew upto 200liters per batch of brew. You will learn how to brew good beer. The brew master will ensure that the beer tastes amazingly good to which you can book a date to enjoy it with your friends and start up good vibes and conversations that cement your friendships.

The Kraft Breer Styles

Shika Lager | 4.7%

A pleasant Premium Lager with a clean taste profile. The Premium Lager is yellow in appearance with a moderate bitterness. It is a satisfying beer that sits in between American Lagers and European Pilsners in character, with a gentle hop character introduced to make it bespoke for the Nairobi climate. Pair it with light flavored dishes, salads, chicken, seafood.

Amallure | 4.4%

A thirst-quenching Summer Ale, perfect for the hot summer months. The Summer Ale is straw-colored in appearance with a low bitterness. Technically it is categorized as a Cream Ale – often regarded as an ale version of a lager beer, with distinct tropical fruit on the nose making it truly unique to Nairobi. Pair it with light flavored dishes, salads, chicken, seafood, or even lemon custard tart.

Enkare | 4.4%

A refreshing, smooth-drinking Wheat Beer. Our Wheat Beer has a straw-colored appearance with a low bitterness. The malted wheat in the grain bill gives this beer a slightly grainy flavor with a creamy fullness that leads to a light finish. The yeast employed will provide decent levels of phenolic flavors and so this brew leans towards a fresh, German wheat beer in style. Pair with light foods, vegetables, strawberry shortcake, or a light desert.

Wazza | 4.4%

A flavorful Pale Ale. Our Pale Ale has an amber appearance with a prominent bitterness. Due to ale and crystal malts used, it has a steady malt flavour with a touch of bready and toasty notes. Elevated fresh hop aromas are achieved through the use of unique north-pacific hops, ensuring the ale remains true-to-style. Pairs extremely well with wide range of BBQ, smoked, or charred meats, spicy food, burgers, or even sweet deserts like carrot cake.

Matching your food to the brew:

If you don’t know what food to go with what beer, Our brewmaster will match your brew to the delicious food! We brew our craft beers at the terrace, freshness Trip Advisor

The Kraft Brew Courses

Open Brewing:

Open beer courses are for everyone, curious beginners as well as professionals. All participants are allowed to come back to the restaurant when the beer is ready and enjoy their creativity with friends.

Private Courses:

Companies, groups, friends can book a private brewing course. Our brew master will take you through the process and what gives the beer its unique character. In this unit you will start the brewing process, put your name or customize your beer and invite a party to enjoy with you when the batch is ready.

Home Brewing Course:

The home brewing course is about learning brew beer in our finished home brewing kits. We brew beer together in a home brewing kit. Participants take the kit home after being empowered with unlimited knowledge and curiosity.